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A   F E W   O F   O U R   C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S


The Sardine Men
{About a school of sardines, turned human, and the various obstacles they encounter while adjusting to their new life on land; to school or not to school; breathing without drinking; eyelids; the novelty of legsā€¦}

Death Signs
{A child, brain racked by loss, searches for life's meaning and finds himself}

Maximum Occupancy
{2 restaurateurs, across the street from each other, battle for customers to fill their seats...}

Techniques of Startling Mystery!
{A musician's friend accidently discovers the meaning of life and the danger of death, a wake up call for those who dare to create beauty...}

{There is no eternity, infinity, truth, without singularity, without love, without you}

Winky Gets the Nod
{Dog = God in more ways than one}

{Deciphering the distant present, in the distant future}

Isabelle Butterfly
{In which Isabelle learns to fly in spite of the butter...}

Spider's Gate

Aim High

Santa's Big Fat Christmas

Robotic Woman!
{Robotic! Crime Fighter!}

An Apple A Day


Robot Land
{Love goes on forever... but what about life?}



{A trailer for the short film "Susannah" shot in RED, edited for Opencut 1.0...}

Alpine Meadows

{A concept piece for Alpine Meadows shot in RED 2K 2:1 120 FPS and 4K 2:1 time lapse sequences, edited for Opencut 2.0...}